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Dust Collection


Although no one can claim a dust free sanding operation, with our heavy duty dust collection, we do capture 99% of the sanding dust created. We have the BEST dust collection system on the Oregon Coast!

Edge Sander with Attached Dust Collecting Vacuum 


The Edge Sander is used to strip and sand flooring around the edges of a room. In order to sand tight against the wall the front edge of the machine is open to allow the sandpaper to get all the way to the wall. That open area is where all the dust would escape if it were not connected to a heavy duty Dust Collection System. The American Sanders AVAC 26 has a such a powerful

capacity that it keeps all that dust at bay! This is a Certified Full Unit HEPA Vacuum, so we don't even need a dust mask!

The Big Machine with Large HEPA Dust Collection


The large belt sander used to strip and flatten the main field of the floor, is what produces the bulk of the sanding waste. A average size floor can easily produce 100 gallons of sanding dust. But with this vacuum attached to this machine, it is all contained and removed to the trash.

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